This will be a quick update on my workout process today as well as yesterday.

We would have a blog post yesterday, but I was distracted from stuff and work overload.

One more reason for not having a blog yesterday is if a blog only has the update, some images, it would be so boring.

Today is the special day, it’s 02/02/2020 – backward it still the same.

Jogging result & weight check

With the 10km walking target, I completed them all.

Today when I check my weight again, after the jogging, my Xiaomi showed that I got 68.8Kg

That’s great news, as after Tet, I though I got overweight but it’s not.

Keep on dieting (low-carb and more vegetables)

Today I ran more than yesterday, so the time to complete the same target is shorter. Only 1h37m to complete 10km.

Here are the workout results for 2 days.

Workout on a special day 1
Workout on a special day 2
Workout on a special day 3
Yesterday twilight at 6:17PM

In the future, I will update my guitar practicing process with video record also!

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