Giới thiệu về tui

Oh heyy, how’re you?

It’s great to see you here on my blog, I would like to introduce myself first.

I’m Toại, or Tọi.

Tọi is the nickname and mostly used by close friends.

The English name is Andrew.

I work in the software business, where I make the digital products (software, web apps) and sell them on marketplaces or our site as a SaaS model.

I started the young ages with video games, like other boys, but I’m addicted so soon and didn’t learn well in high school (6 to 9 grade).

From (10 to 12 grade), I realized that I have the ability to learn the language faster than the other, and English is the first option.

Then I join the University of Finance – Marketing, left after 3 years and have no degrees. Till now, I only have a high school degree.

Emm, would you like to have some tea, yeah? coffee? Since if you reading all the things here, it will take a while. 😛

Or can we start with you?

How about you, you good?

I would love to hear your story, let’s share, I will listen and we can connect on Facebook or so?

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