Well, I didn’t have the intent to write about this topic, but this is a good opportunity to review what happened, after all, for about 10 years.

Old friend: Accidental Meet 1
Old friends

The thing is…accidential

Yesterday, I went to the bank to do some paperwork. At first, the receptionist guided me to the wrong booth… a little upset because I was kinda hurrying.

But, that’s not the best part, the good one is I met my old friend, surprise!!

She helped me with my paperwork faster, and I left.

Her name: Nguyen Ngoc Hong My.

After graduation, there was no contact at all. The graduation ceremony was the last time we met. Because back then we do not have cellphones or email or so, and … back then I thought no one would want to contact such a naughty person like me.

Mỹ has been working at ACB Binh Phuoc bank, for 4 years now, but I did not know.

Yesterday, after the bank papers were over, we had a little talk, remind us about old stories and memories when we were in school.

Fact: When I was in middle school, knowledge was “zero”, but my memory could be called a “hero”.

I remember exactly each memory, every special imprint of each person.

Mỹ is a shy girl, and it’s the same impression to me till now.

Tell a little more …

To me, the first impression is quite important, and it seems to follow my feelings to the end of a friendship.

That is, once I have a good impression on you, even if you do something bad later, I still secretly believe you are a good friend.

And accordingly, the first impression of each friend, it hardly faded away.

I remember the way Mỹ stood when punished on the podium.

Just like the way another friend – Ngọc Huyền sang the song “Gọi tên tôi nhé bạn thân hỡi”, the admiration and interest in a friend is still up to now.

If there was a printer, printing from memory, those images would have been high-resolution images.

By the way, a story of Ngọc Huyền

Huyền, the one who sang “Gọi tên tôi nhé bạn thân hỡi”.

Source: Youtube

Back then, when we were in the eighth grade when we were still in the upper floor of the school building at Tan Xuan Secondary School.

At that time, I was naughty, arrogant, and learned extremely badly, worse than bad words.

Here’s me, back then.

Old friend: Accidental Meet 2
Me, the boy on the left, ha!

Huyen is a typical family, her mother is the librarian at the school which she is attending at this time.

And of course, Huyền has many tails, well, actually … there is only Lượng (Ngọ Doãn Lượng, an impressive name!).

On one occasion, I didn’t know whether it was March 8 or October 20, but this irony happened.

Lượng, he gave something to Huyền, not directly. He stuffed it into Huyền’s desk.

Afterward, when Huyền got to class, she ignored the gift and pushed it away, hahaha, poor Lượng.

Do you think it is not over yet? Not yet.

By the end of the class on that day, Huyền asked me, not exactly, but according to me, I remember like this: “Today 8/3, remember to give me a present”.

Old friend: Accidental Meet 3
I was like, da hell ??

Because I didn’t mean anything to Huyền, just when I heard her sing I really admired.

After that, I also … obediently given gifts, no, giving flowers.

Huyen received the flowers, and asked about the gifts, lol?

But you know, where does a poor guy find money to give gifts?

I don’t remember whether I gave Huyen a gift later or not.

Well, let’s go to class meetings and ask. 😉

P/s: Don’t laugh, maybe you’ll find your name on my blog, haha!

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