The name of a favorite beer – Corona now became the fear of many people, especially those who live in big cities.

The flood of origin news and fake news is showing more and more on the newsfeed of users.

I don’t want to talk about nCoV, it’s not my expertise. I just share how I react with the news, choose what to read, and how we should use a facemask and so on.

Fake News as People’s War

Fake news nowadays just like People War’s that we have been through, there’s no leader, everyone is the leader, the revolution still coming.

My mom shared the news on her Facebook, like this:

How we should react with nCoV fake news 1
I took the screenshot of the others, my Mom deleted this.

I look at it, using all my brain cells to think and then persuade her to delete it.


There’s no resource to do as the screenshot above, that’s it.

Or like this, sweet voice and thoughtful woman, you think so?

How we should react with nCoV fake news 2
1 minute long about 33 people died at an Hospital, warning, but it’s fake

Why people share these kinds of news without thinking?

Because we’re all busy to think about it.

I’m your friend, you share the information with kindness, to think about the others or maybe just warn your relationships about it.

We’re busy with making money, with every-no-name-works and have no intention to check if it’s real or not.

We can’t stop fake news, as it’s too realistic, or have no clue who the first to pull the trigger to delete the source.

But I think we can choose how we react with the news.

Don’t be panic, don’t be overthinking and decide to trust the news – media immediately.

It’s careful, careful about everything you share and write on your timeline.

Facemasks & Overreacting.

Can you remember that when we live in cities, everyday go to work, the facemasks are extremely necessary to protect you from sunlight, from dust & smoke?

So, why we all have to overreact about buying the facemasks?

How we should react with nCoV fake news 3
Another Why?

At first, you usually buy 1 pack, ~50 facemasks inside and use. Then you will buy another box.

Now, with the news & media, with the unethical sellers, they take advantage of nCoV to sell more facemasks with a high price.

Just think a bit.

If you don’t overreact to buying facemasks, buy it for what you need, as usual.

We won’t have a high price, demand mutation, and you still live. That’s the point.

Don’t let the wolf fools you, let them think they did.

Protecting you from nCoV is necessary, but please, protect you from fake news also.

How you should protect yourself from nConvirus

The information on this part is the ways we can use to protect us from nConvirus that I gathered around, from the trusted source.

First, did we understand correctly about nCoV?

No, not enough.

The virus in generall and this kind of virus especially, they’re so small, smaller PM2.5. They don’t live long, 3-5h after it’s exposed to the environment.

But they can base on the droplets when someone sneezes, and from that, it infects your body.

So wearing the facemasks won’t stop it infect to your body parts, like eyes. It does stop you from getting the droplets from someone.

And, killing the virus, there are so many ways. Your friend list might share it. And here’s mine:

  • Don’t go to the public much, avoid touching in the public.
  • Doing exercise every day, this will make your immune system stronger.
  • Don’t abuse Vitamin pills, use healthier food instead, like Guava or so, it contains much more Vitamins than Orange.
  • Don’t let your hands on the face much.
  • When using a public toilet, wash your hand in 20-30s with gels.
  • Buy enough facemasks and gel to use, buy another when you need it.

Sharing is caring, be careful with the news, don’t be panic.

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