Tech & coding was like my passion ever since I got my first remote-controlled toy.

My first cents for fixing printers and install Windows for friends, family, and teachers too.

There was a time that my teacher gave me 500.000 VND for installing her Windows and printer. You can imagine, in 11 grade, I can make that money, much more than the average worker and even my Mom’s salary for a day.

I didn’t take it. I love money, but the time and works I put on those tasks wasn’t much. And I though with 500.000 VND, I have to work my ass off to get that.

Still true

And years after the first money (not the above), I became “Business Owner”, with a company, very first company while I’m still studying 2nd at the university.

I did everything to get the contract, customer support…etc.

There was a point that I worked from 7 AM to 2 AM the next day, every day.

But it still failed.

The customer left, the most trusted member of the team left, and so on.

I spent a lot of time after that to recover from my failure. Most of the time, I thoughts to find my next path, what should do, but seems that it didn’t work.

So I went on a journey from Sai Gon (the South) to the Middle of the country (Phu Yen), alone.


How did I overcome failure 1
This is the image on an island called “Bình Ba” that I took the journey

On the road, I didn’t have time to think about the failure, but somehow I got the answer.

The journey didn’t help me in finding the new path, but I got my passion, I didn’t lose it, I just buried in calculation and anxiety.


Living without passion just like a camp without fire.

While standing face to face with the grandeur of nature, all of the bad feelings and stuff had been erased.

After all, the best thing you should do is giving yourself time to heal.

You wouldn’t be able to recover in the environment that made you sick.

So, try to do something new, something you need to.

When I back to the city, the new path appeared, so blur like the fogs on the street.

“Just do it. A new opportunity will come” – I believed.

Some other images I took on the journey. Hope you like it

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