So, finally, the days off of Lunar New Year passed.

  • Lost 300.000 VND to gamble
  • I gained 1.5kg
  • Still handsome.
  • Still handsome 😀 😀 😀

This is the image of me playing cards and gamble on Tet with friends (yearly meetup).

Tet is over and Me Version 2020 1

Quick Update from final days of 2019

It was so busy that I couldn’t give my blog update, but I managed to do some workout. Here’s the screenshot.

Tet is over and Me Version 2020 2
Tet is over and Me Version 2020 3

Instead of normal walking, I ran at a slow pace and long-distance.

The heart rate still bumping high but I feel much better and easier to breathe.

Just wonder if at my age, my heart and stand 187bmp but in the future, maybe not, so a little concern here.

The most important thing is my heal is much better after the 1-month challenge. I can lift heavy stuff easier and my back stronger a little bit.

The fat rate decreased a little bit.

Finally, at the yearly meetup, where my friends told me that I look much better for lighter skin tones and the body looks much more compact.

That’s a piece of great news to hear in the new year!

New me – 2020 Version

This year, I got some goals that need to be done and I wish it will become true, as I will work my ass off to achieve it.

Tet is over and Me Version 2020 4
No filter, no apps. Just as pure as me should be!
  • Focus on DropBot, the apps going to be released soon and it’s an importing project to me.
  • Have a more stable income and won’t throw money over the windows on projects/people that can’t keep his promises.
  • Every product released by my team now will be better and focus more on the broad niches.
  • Keep this blogging hobby, I will try to have my blog get 100 posts this year. It’s not about who will read it or so, I just want to give it as a yearly challenge and I can complete it.

There’s was so many tomorrow.

Somebody on the internet

Overall, this year, I just wanna better, literally better both inside and outside.

From knowledge to skills to income…

Wish me luck!

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