Tet, the traditional New Year Eve of Vietnamese, when we gather and celebrate to wish the best things will happen to relatives.

Tet's color & Thoughts 1

Tet itself has the featured color, yellow, light yellow. If you have experienced in movies or when you hiking, walking outside at the very morning. You will understand my feeling about Tet.

To me, Tet’s a special day.

When I was young, Tet’s money. Lucky money from parents and relatives will help me buy stuff. At that point, in some years, we have a low temperature so our breath will be seen as smoke.

Tet's color & Thoughts 2
I used to handsome, now still, but less, hehe

Grow up a little bit, it will be a time to go out with friends and watch fireworks, I will choose the best outfit for that day (and use for the next day also, hehe).

Now, I feel Tet in a very different way.

But I still love Tet, people still, too.

Ethical or Money

Around this time of the year, some services will take advantage of that make money with it.

Like vehicles park.

They will make some strings on the street and keep the vehicles inside.

But the point is the vehicle’s keeper, they expand the section over the next houses without their permission.

And people will be trapped inside their house.

Keep Challenges Continues

Today I didn’t do a long workout with outside walking preset as usual.

Since the road that I usually walking, now it became the road for Food Fair and Flower Fair.

Tet's color & Thoughts 3
Look ma! No-hair-legs!!

So I took the other road and did the workout a half, as usual, I need to help my mom complete the cleaning house. I’m a good boy :3

I got some other images of this afternoon, hope you like it 😀

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