So, today just like the previous days, I woke up with some nightmares.

I have mentioned that I was addicted to video games at a young ages.

The nightmares about I was playing game at an internet shop then my uncle, who was so angry about it, then hit me hard. You can imagine the feeling when you’re in a dream and can’t run, right?

Uncle hit me, and I ran, a lot, but he just steps 1 step then he can catch me. That’s the true nightmare.

[15-1] Workout & Guitar Practice 1

The image above is my workout today.

During the workout, I feel some headache

I don’t know but it’s only hurt for a moment for the entire right side of my head.

I had some short run, medium run at fast peace to push the heartbeat higher, so I can burn my calories a little bit more.

And today, I spent ~2h to practice guitar. Yay! It’s interesting.

The top of the finger is a little bit hurt for practicing C note.

I almost fluent in Slowrock and Ballad.

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