Through the years of young, I failed a lot of challenges, from doing a workout every day or bigger things, like learning to get a degree. That’s true.

Sometimes, I feel so tired of this body, cuz I put too much cholesterol and calories for each meal. When I sit without a shirt, then I can grab the belly fat and can cut it off, if I’m brave enough.

So, I started working out.

But there was so much procrastination on the way.

Let’s list some

  • My heart is not strong enough to run, I have valvular disease, so my heart will beat faster than the people in the same age, same workout. It will make me “overheat” quickly.
  • The knee cartilage was not strong, I feel hurt inside the joints when running.
  • When I run, the smartwatch will count the heartbeat to 182bpm or 188bpm. My vision will be a blur and I have to shake the head to refocus to the runway.
Procrastination & Motivation 1
Good enough, right?

But you know, fuck it. With the hurt, I will get the rewards after that.

So I figured out how to keep my heart normal and not overheat but still doing the workout.

Outdoor walking, 10km/session. None stop, increase peace and run in the short distances (from 100m to 200m).

And this is my rewards:

  • A refreshing feeling when taking a shower, how the brain react with the world, the speed to solve the problem will be stable without pains.
  • I loose ~2kg after 1 month. (Well, you have to combine with reducing the calories you take in every day and more vegetables)
  • I feel better, this is the main thing.

So, after all, there’s nothing easy to achieve, the biggest barrier is the-you-inside.

Think for the future, the happiness and rewards than the hurt.

Ah, a small thing happened, I started to learn guitar, the mentor is my high school friend, today is the first day, nothing much but I will keep you guys updated.

I will try to update the blog every week, to share my daily dose of stuff here. I know no one will read but who knows, right? 🙂

Also, it would be great if you can point me out there’s any problem in my spelling/grammar and how should I improve for the sentences, I just wanna improve my writing skills.

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