I know I know, there’s be no post today, lol. I said it, but I mean a long post. And it was a bit delay in working today so I had some spare time.

Here’s my thought.

  • How long till I should get a higher salary?
  • Will working long-term in a company will result in a higher position/salary?

Hmmm, I don’t think so.

My working philosophy 1
The boy didn’t understand math.

In my view of a team leader with business aspects, we will do simple math.

If I hire you for $500/mo. You do exactly what you have been told for a whole year. You won’t have the chance to increase in salary.

In the meanwhile, if you do more than $500, I mean, contribute more to the products, projects by work on it as if it’s yours.

Or always thinking to make it work in the best ways.

Or willing to work on weekends without hesitation (of course there won’t be much, just sometimes that so serious)

Or you will work overtime with your responsibility, not b/c overtime money.

Then you will get a higher salary.

No matter how long you work for the company, even if you’re just a new guy but contribute much to the products, you will be valuable to your company.

Work till you get paid because you’re irreplaceable.

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