Painter Van Gogh, who the whole world knows about powers and paintings. He himself has doubts about himself.

Doubting your ability is a frequent occurrence, which is not really new, nor is it just you encounter this.

Self Doubt 1
young cool bearded man feeling clueless and confused, not sure which choice or option to pick, wondering

I like psychology, so I also find out about this problem, but not in the academic and scientific aspects. I feel and infer from my own experience.

And said before this article is always only positive, so confidently continue reading.

1 / Self-doubt is good or bad?

Instead of being afraid of it, see who its truth is.

self-doubt is like a second of us, a villain.

Think of it as some kind of evil character, hoping that we will fail, but it has its own reason.

As you know, “it” is our dirty body, another ego, and to be honest, no one understands us better than “it”.

Therefore, if we are “consulted” with the immediate failures, it is an opportunity for us to do better, be more careful.

Well, that’s not a bad thing, right? (anyway it’s still annoying, :))

2 / The source of self-doubt?

It is fear. When you’re on the shoulder with no responsibility to anyone, that fear won’t be too great.

But when you carry your family, your wife, your children, your career … those fears get bigger.

It is the ambiguity in the direction and path you are taking.

Because on the way you go, there will be thorns that not everyone understands. Every time the problem arises, you feel like a loser, and you feel so pathetic.

If you let those fears engulf you, ruin your dreams and purpose in life, you won’t be able to wake up anymore.

3 / How to overcome self-doubt?

First, know what path you are taking, what goals you are aiming for, and what are your specific actions?

Second, share more. Open your heart and talk to more people, to be heard by them, and to let them listen to you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting go of the chaos in life.

Third, critical. Review and self-critic. In part # 1 talked about self-doubt as a villain with convincing arguments.

But before you believe it, reflect on those arguments, to see if you’re right or wrong

Fourth, live for yourself. There is only a way of living for us, the problems will be lessened, we will see what should be attached, what should be let go, what should be tried, what should not be.

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