So, the Momo’s “Lac Xi 2020” has been ended, with some of the growth that we – the outsider can see.

Momo's Lac Xi 2020 Event - Behind the Scene 1

But that’s not what we gonna dig in today, we will find out what’s the purpose behind this campaign.

I don’t know how much new user Momo has acquired right now, but looking from sources, I can see some information.

Purpose: Acquire new users & Branding

I think this is the main point that Momo put so much money and effort into this campaign.

Momo's Lac Xi 2020 Event - Behind the Scene 2

Currently, as in my view, Momo in the path of user education.

Just like how we go to school. After we graduate, the school must enroll new students. Your business won’t stay the same. Momo too.

In addition to the actions to get the points to break the jars, referring a new member to Momo system also gets your to point, a lot of points.

Also, on Tet holidays, Momo is mentioned a lot.

Momo's Lac Xi 2020 Event - Behind the Scene 3

What’s next?

After enrollment, Momo will educate new users and keep them with the services and whole-life promotion.

The services that you will find it easy to pay with Momo like phone Topup, Pay the Invoice,…

As we knew, Momo still in the road of user acquirement and market education. So, we will find a lot of promotions between Momo and the cooperations.

What’s the most possible future that will happen with Momo?

Momo, I think it will become a super finance app, where we can make the payment easily for any services.

In the near future, the possible scenario might be the marketplace.

Momo will start to open the registration to the shop owners, where they can accept the payment from the customer.

In the exchange, Momo will start the marketing campaigns that lead the customer to the shops with promotions like what is happening to The Coffee House or so, but in the broader merchant.

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